Friday, November 3, 2017

Enjoying Time in Mr. Curhan's Class

Written by Ty M.

In Mr. Curhan’s class, the bear hangs out with the reading poster, he watches the students understand what to do when you come across a word you don’t know. For example when Mr. Curhan was a kid he had a brother and his brother loved skateboarding and he could do a Ali
{a trick you can do when you get really good at skateboarding}.

He went to his mom and said “mom, my brother can do a Ali.” And his mom said “whats a Ali.” And he replied “I don’t know.” going back to the lesson he said “if you find a word you don’t know in your book stop and think for a second what does this mean, what is the purpose.”

The bear must be having a AWESOME time in Mr. Curhans class!

Written by another Brufftopian

The big bear is now in Mr. Curhan's room! The big bear hangs out, waiting for the students to arrive! What will the big bear lean today? Reading!

The big bear is going to learn to use and understand keywords! The students quietly come into the classroom and go to the rug spots! Excellent big bear behavior! Can’t wait to see what  the big bear is going to do next!  

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